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10 Hockey Movies to Watch for the Playoffs

The only thing better than watching your team win the Stanley Cup is being able to talk trash via hockey movie quote!

Here is a list of hockey movies to quote from during 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

1) Slap Shot

Probably the most quotable Hockey Movie. When you need to get your point across, put on the foil.

Top Slap Shot Quotes

2) Miracle

Perfect for celebrating underdog victories, while highlighting US-Russian political tension.

Top Miracle Quotes

3) Goon

Better get your quotes in from this one now, before we start quoting Goon 2.

Top Goon Quotes

4) Youngblood

Absolute classic. Quotes from Lowe, Swayze, and Keanu Reeves?! Yes, he was the goalie...

Top Youngblood Quotes

5) The Mighty Ducks

Hockey + Emiliooooo!! Nothing better than the Breakfast Clubber as a Hockey Coach.

Top Mighty Ducks Quotes

6) Sudden Death

Van Damme as a goalie? Why not?! We know he's got his splits down.

Top Sudden Death Quotes

7) The Love Guru

Speaking of goalies... Justin Timberlake's character has a very interesting name in this one.

Top Love Guru Quotes

8) Tooth Fairy

The Rock as a Hockey Player by day and a tooth fairy by night. It just works.

Top Tooth Fairy Quotes

9) The Cutting Edge

2 words... Toe Pick!

Top Cutting Edge Quotes

10) Happy Gilmore

Perfect for those fans who's team didn't make the playoffs and are currently playing golf.

Top Happy Gilmore Quotes