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High-Fives for 420

Weed Day and High-Five Day rolled up in one?! Here are four movies, in the last 20 years, you can 'High'-Five to.

1) Half-Baked (1998)

After Friday, in 1995, the new stoner movie queue was cashed until Thurgood and his buddies talked to Samson.

2) How High (2001)

So high that I could kiss the sky... Method Man & Redman get into to Harvard using some homegrown study aids.

3) Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Finally, a movie about the munchies! Harold & Kumar go through a lot just to get some White Castle. They even resurrected NPH's Career.

4) The Night Before (2015)

Naturally, a weed movie in the last 20 years has to have Seth Rogen. Kind of like Scrooge instead of ghosts, you have "The Weed of Christmas present." And Joseph Gordon-Levitt, cause why not?!

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